Your Climb Includes....


This program is as much about education as it is about action!

Our goal is to make sure that we are addressing your current financial and investing needs and goals.

Your one-on-one budgeting and investment consultations are designed to either help you advance your current strategy and/or begin a new one.


The road to finding financial success can be overwhelming, and there is nothing like having the support of your piers. In these calls you are able to share your financial stories of success.


We all know networking is important. This program was purposely designed for you to foster relationships with current and previous PEAK alum. We want you to take full advantage of being connected to others in business all over the country.

You will have access to our professional network in addition to joining in on conversations within our online community.


Throughout your journey, you will be teamed up with an accountability partner. You both will be able to support each other through various changes within your financial life and beyond.


Our team challenges are meant to be fun as well as help you achieve financial success. You and your partner will be put to the test to make sure you are taking financial action.


Your financial growth doesn’t end at your graduation. Your climb is only your tipping point for getting you started or back on track financially. Our graduation ceremony is a fun and empowering way to continue to reinforce the importance of being financially smart.

We encourage you as a PEAK graduate to invite your friends and others in your network to share in your experience, pitch your business, and establish collaborative networking opportunities. Although the program is over, we stay with you as you continue to grow your financial life.


Since action is best taken while off the ground, we literally have you do just that.

We officially end with a fun indoor climb, to celebrate your financial success and the steps you took on to get to your financia PEAK.


Coming soon…Personal & Business Taxation strategies, Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning, how financially strong is your business.




Our goal is to start with YOU!

There are a multitude of reasons why we financially behave the way we do and until you explore those reasons, how can you move forward financially?

Using a temperament tool called Personality Dimensions ®, we help you understand how your spending and investing habits relate to various areas of your life. We then combine your money personality with sound financial strategies to take your wealth to the next level.


If your daily schedule is anything like ours, then we understand how busy you are. Which is why we spread this program over a six-week period.

Our interactive platform ensures that you are able to stay engaged throughout the entire six weeks, as you not only learn, but also implement strategies.

We believe you should have the financial freedom you deserve! 


    When there is no goal, there is no ACTION! We help you set your personal and financial goals and make sure you follow through as your personal money champions. The most important part of having a solid financial plan is discovering your “why,” and this goal setting session will help you put those pieces together.


    During this session you will either learn steps to jump start a new budget or simply find strategies to update an existing one.  Your budget should be a realistic view of your current financial needs and goals. Once you leave this session you will be able to immediately implement what you've learned.


    As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of being financially fit while meeting the demands of a business.

    It is imperative as an entrepreneur to develop your investment game plan once you have made the leap to start your business.

    We also make sure you understand the numerous financial and investing strategies that small business owners our able to take advantage of.


    You will learn about your investment style and strategies to maximize your investment growth. You will better understand how to read your financial statements, mange your current investment strategy, find appropriate retirement products, develop financial planning strategies, and assets protection options.

    In addition, you will gain insight to the financial industry and the individuals that play a key role in your financial success.