We help you connect the pieces of your financial puzzle, so that it is easy to comprehend. 


Our approach with all of our clients is to conduct a series of financial reviews based on the complexity of each individual situation.  We begin with an initial discovery, followed by a suggested portfolio strategy. 

We hold follow up sessions to present our recommendations, and complete the process with periodic reviews to ensure that each strategy is consistently meeting your objectives.   We understand that everyone is different, and our goal is to listen and learn about you and your familys' individual needs.


We Make It Simple




Review of your financial needs

Analysis of investment experience and review of future goal

Overall financial outlook




Sculpting your money mindset

Structuring your investment strategy

Developing your investment strategy



Investment plan implementation

Asset transfer

Ongoing portfolio reviews




A Simple Approach To Sophisticated Investing.

Buy Hold Plus has been providing investors with a simple approach to sophisticated investing strategies since 2005.

Today's financial environment is changing more quickly than ever before. As the markets and financial products continue to evolve, more sophisticated investment strategies are required to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Institutional investors validate this need for a unique strategic approach, as they have consistently utilized professional managers in the design and implementation of their own portfolios.

Our philosophy affirms that portfolios should be designed through a combination of the classic, time-tested principles, plus the advanced strategic modeling and management techniques of today.


Is Your 401 0K?

By design, defined contribution plans require people to manage their own investments. In many cases, they do not have the time, talent, or tools to do so effectively or efficiently. Financial Advisors may provide only limited support, as they cannot have direct access to manage these accounts for clients without overcoming a plethora of regulatory and technological hurdles.

401k Plus, powered by RMS, overcomes these hurdles by employing the same Nobel prize-winning investment theory utilized in the Buy/Hold Plus portfolios to help turn your most important asset into a professionally managed one.


No Business is Small

Your employees are what hold your company together, and you should ensure that they have a sound financial future.  

As our client we make sure your employee's investments are well managed, so you can focus on growing the business. Whether you're a large company, small business or non profit, your ability to keep great employees around will revolve around the resources you provide them.


We work directly with you to ensure that the most beneficial investment strategy is chosen for the company and its employees. 

Our commitment to you goes beyond managing your pension fund, as your business and employees become part of our family.

We will continue to host individual employee and management consultations, lunch and learn opportunities (in-person & online), all while keeping you connected to our professional network to further grow your business.